New BHI 2022 Collection

BHI unveils their completely new 2022 collection!

BHI is unveiling the future of open-air accommodation with their triple 2022 collection:

PREMIUM, COMFORT and CLASSICO featuring three new indoor and outdoor environments. Millions of people choose to spend their holidays by the sea, at the lake and at campsites. One unexpected outcome from Covid-19 is that 2021 has been marked by a need to rediscover our freedom.

With a wealth of experience in the small space design sector, BHI uses their unique expertise to optimise space to adapt to new types of holidays and offers mobile homes that meet the needs of your increasingly discerning customers. With more than 25 years in sustainable development and environmentally friendly manufacturing, all our mobile homes blend in perfectly with their surroundings, with our façade range featuring a broad colour palette and innovative outdoor materials used to create themed areas, adding character to your campsite.

With their five collections of mobile homes, each with their own distinct theme, wherever your campsite is based, BHI has something for all market segments, from bare ground equipped with a Coco Sweet for nature lovers, to the prestigious Key West model for those accustomed to a higher standard of living, not forgetting the Classico mobile home for maximum comfort, or even the Premium range which strikes the perfect balance between design, wellbeing, and space; and finally our Comfort mobile homes which invite you to sit back and relax. There’s something for everyone, from the most discerning to the biggest nature-lovers!

New BHI 2022 Collection