BHI unveils its 2023 collection

Faithful to its philosophy of cutting-edge design and customer experience, BHI presents its 2023 collection, more nature-inspired than ever before.

5 ranges

Through its 5 ranges, Classico, Comfort, Premium, Key West and Coco Sweet, BHI caters to all market segments, whatever the positioning of your campsite. From the greenest customers, with Coco Sweet aimed at nature lovers, to the most demanding, with the luxurious Key West range for those who expect the highest standards, not to forget our three flagship ranges: Classico, Comfort and Premium.


In recent years, there has been a trend for subtle cladding that blends harmoniously with its surroundings, while giving the campsite real character. BHI offers a wide range of cladding options, including 3 new finishes that are more realistic than ever: Narrow Slat, Dry Stone, and Blonde Wood. Discover them using our online simulators.

BHI is also bringing two new concepts to market: a GREEN version, offering an ideal balance between ecology and economy, as well as a WATERPROOF option, capable of withstanding a one metre rise in water levels.

BHI unveils its 2023 collection