New BHI website

New BHI website

BHI have been working on their digital comms and are launching a brand new website

A completely revamped, modern website with a new design

BHI’s new mobile home website offers the following:

  • Fast access to five collections: PREMIUM, CLASSICO, COMFORT, KEY WEST and COCO SWEET
  • View the BHI catalogue with a simple request
  • Interior and exterior modelling to customise mobile homes to suit your campsite.
  • The services guide offered by BHI to help you buy a mobile home (Second hand, financing, after-sales service)
  • Keep up to date with BHI’s news on our news page or via our Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • See our creations up and running in campsites. It is updated regularly, so send us your best photos!
  • Easy access to BHI’s photo gallery where you can download all the photos, plans and product details you need for your own websites and brochures.

See all that BHI has to offer from the comfort of your tablet, PC or smartphone, and get in touch with us wherever you are to find out more about our mobile homes.