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Its registered office is located at: ZI de la Folie Sud – Rue Charles Tellier
La Chaize le Vicomte – CS 50001
85036 La Roche sur Yon Cedex (France).

Its business involves the distribution of products sold under the brand BHI,


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Article 1 – Purpose of the Bio Habitat website

The website belongs to Bio Habitat S.A. and is dedicated to BHI branded products. Its purpose is to:

– Present the brand BHI, its products and variant names;

– Present the services available under the brand BHI;

– Provide information on the events and trade shows concerning the brand.

Article 2 – Processing of personal data

Bio Habitat S.A. agrees to refrain from using any personal data that you may provide in any manner that would contravene the legislation in force.

The personal data that Bio Habitat S.A. may collect from you from registration forms for services include:

– Surname and first name;

– Postal address;

– Email, telephone.

This information is confidential and helps BIO HABITAT S.A. to get to know you better. It is used with your express consent for the sole purpose of allowing you to access certain services, to receive the newsletter or to receive information on the products and services of the BHI brand.

The information collected is used only for the internal use of BIO HABITAT S.A. and particularly by the communications, network development, marketing and after-sales departments.

In accordance with articles 39 et seq. of Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties, anyone may view and, if need be, correct or request the deletion of data relating to themselves by applying to the communications department. Anyone may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of data relating to them.

Any questions concerning the processing of personal data should be addressed to:

Bio Habitat S.A.
Marketing Department
ZI de la Folie Sud – Rue Charles Tellier
La Chaize le Vicomte – CS 50001
85036 La Roche sur Yon Cedex (France)


Written requests accompanied by a copy of your identity card or similar official form of identity may be made to Bio Habitat S.A. at the above address in order to obtain, free of charge, any private data we hold concerning you and, where appropriate, to correct that information where it is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or out of date or where the collection, use, communication or retention of such data is prohibited.

Furthermore, you may unsubscribe at any time from the newsletters or any other communication transmitted by Bio Habitat S.A. by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in each newsletter/communication.

If your personal data changes, you should notify Bio Habitat S.A. of such changes in writing at the address shown above.

Article 3 – Cookies

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This article will help you to understand what a cookie is, its role, and how to modify its parameters.

These cookies are issued by BIO HABITAT S.A. in order to better meet your needs and expectations and to facilitate your navigation on the website.

What is a cookie?

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Cookies used on this website

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Managing Cookies

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Article 4 – Use of this website

As a user of this website, you acknowledge that you have the necessary skills and means to access and use this Website.

You acknowledge that you have checked that the computer configuration used by the website contains no virus and that it is working perfectly. You must also acknowledges having read these Legal Notices and undertake to comply with them.

Your use of the website is under your sole responsibility. Bio Habitat S.A. cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect harm of any sort, in particular, material harm, loss of data or programs, financial loss, which results from the use of this website or of sites with which it has links.

Article 5 – Security

In making use of the website, you agree to refrain from any action capable of causing computer failures, whether functional or of any other nature, affecting the operation of the website or of any server or service that may be accessed via the website.

Within the space constituted by the website, you expressly agree to provide only reliable information, data, documents and/or files that are inoffensive and not likely to affect the operation of the website or of any server or service that may be accessed via the website.

You agree that when using the website or any server or service that may be accessed via the website, you will:

– comply with all current national and international laws and regulations, and respect the rights of third parties;

– refrain from causing harm to the image of BIO HABITAT S.A. in any way and in any form whatsoever.

BIO HABITAT S.A. shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an Internet user’s access to and/or use of the website, or resulting from the impossibility of accessing the website.

Article 6 – BIO HABITAT S.A.’s Limitation of Liability

BIO HABITAT S.A. opened this website to provide information for the personal use of its users. Under no circumstances may the data on this website be exploited commercially without the prior authorisation of BIO HABITAT S.A. in writing.

The site offers a general presentation of BIO HABITAT S.A.’s line, products, and services. Consequently, BIO HABITAT S.A. cannot be held liable for any lack of precision or omission in the data online on this website.

The information shown on the website (texts, graphics, photos, etc.) is of a purely general and informative nature and is provided for information purposes only. Despite our constant vigilance, this website cannot constitute a contractual document and may not be used as a ground for legal action.

To obtain precise updated information, particularly in relation to prices, availability, characteristics, content and variants of the different products and services shown on this website, we recommend that you contact the dealer of your choice. They are the only people authorised to provide you with precise up-to-date information on the characteristics and prices of the products and services that they market.

BIO HABITAT S.A. has a continuous development policy for its networks’ products and services and, without prior notice or the need to inform the public, it reserves the right to modify information related to characteristics and the prices of products presented without incurring liability.

BIO HABITAT S.A. is unable to present its complete range on this website; we recommend that you contact the dealer of your choice to obtain additional and personalized information.

The information shown on this site is the latest update of the different pages of the website when it was put online. Modifications may have been made since the last update. This is why we recommend that you refer to the dealer of your choice for further information and to find out about recent developments.

BIO HABITAT S.A. cannot guarantee the reliability and exhaustive nature of the information provided for internet users on its website.

Article 7 – Intellectual Property

7.1 – Copyright

BIO HABITAT S.A. is the author of this web site within the meaning of articles L 111.1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

This web site was designed and produced by BIO HABITAT S.A. (

The text, photographs, animations, drawings, sounds and other creations are the exclusive property of Bio Habitat S.A.

Any reproduction, whether direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, by any means and in any form whatsoever, whether in full or in part, and any representation, use or modification, even partial modification, of this web site are prohibited. Any such use constitutes a copyright infringement, punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 (Article L 716-10 of the French Intellectual Property Code).

7.2 – Brand copyright

The named and semi-figurative BHI brands are registered by BIO HABITAT S.A. and are the exclusive property of the company.

Any reproduction, use, imitation, insertion, deletion or modification of these brands, without the permission of BIO HABITAT S.A. or their owners beforehand, constitutes an infringement punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 (Article L 716-10 of the French Intellectual Property Code).

Article 8 – Hypertext linking and referencing

8.1 The website can contain hypertext links leading to other Internet sites, completely independent of the website. BIO HABITAT S.A. does not imply endorsement or guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or truthfulness of the information contained on any website it is connected to by hypertext links.

Consequently, you are responsible for any access to another Internet site connected to

8.2 Any creation of a hypertext link to this website and any referencing of it are not allowed without the express permission in writing of BIO HABITAT S.A.

Article 9 – Modification of BIO HABITAT S.A. website legal notices

BIO HABITAT S.A. reserves the right to change or correct these Legal Notices at any time and without prior notice, especially in the event of changes to current legislation, where such changes made are to ensure compliance.

Article 10 – Applicable Law

The website and these Legal Notices are subject to French law.